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  • Tom Dobrez

Radio Beats Social Media

Radio just beat social media in one surprising area that nobody thought possible .

A shocking new research report has just been released by Nielson research confirming that a large majority of radio fans actually prefer RADIO over social media to stay informed about their local communities.

Radio More Trustworthy

Out of the respondents asked by researchers about their preference for local news, radio beat out social media as a vital source by nearly 4 times!

The study indicated that 23% of people associate AM/FM radio as the most trustworthy source for local news and information. Whereas only 6% of respondents thought social media was trustworthy.

Radio Seen As More Informative

And that’s not all. The study shows that most people think that radio actually keeps them more informed than social media does.

A majority, 20% of responders found radio to be more informative. Whereas only 18% thought that social media informed them.

This can probably be explained by social media’s constant pushing of passive content. People read social media and immediately forget what they read. Whereas, radio only provides information that’s important due to limited inventory.

Radio Is Timeless

This just goes to show that radio broadcasting is still the most relevant form of news broadcasting.

Don’t believe the hype of commercial platforms who are busy making passive content nobody trusts. Instead, remember that local content is king and that radio stations will always be timeless.

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